Himalayan balsam awareness week

The 16 – 24 May is Himalayan balsam awareness week. Run by the UK’s Inland Waterways Association, it promotes awareness and understanding of the invasive weed that’s blighting our landscape.

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Find out more about the awareness week by visiting the Inland Waterways Association’s campaign page. It includes information on how to identify it, what to do if you come across it and how to get involved in getting rid of it.

The 22 May is also the International Day for Biological Diversity, so check out the CABI website to learn about selected projects that help protect natural systems and books from our publishing programme that you can win.

Research points to Himalayan balsam as a soil erosion problem

Himlayan balsam root ball with soil
Himlayan balsam root ball with soil

Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) promotes soil erosion along watercourses, according to research published in the Journal of Soil Sediments last month (Dec 2013)

Philip Greenwood and Nikolaus Kuhn from the University of Basel show that erosion along riparian zones is statistically greater where Himalayan balsam is present when compared to topographically comparable sites that support natural vegetation. 

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Himalayan balsam distribution data from RINSE

Himalayan balsamVolunteers from RINSE (Reducing the Impact of Non-Native Species in Europe) performed a survey of the River Bure (in the Norfolk Broads), tracking it from source to sea and seeing how many invasive plants such as Himalayan balsam they cam across.

See their website for more information and a map of their results.